Сергиев Посад

245/40 Сhicken breast with grilled vegetables and mushroom sauce
380 rub.
230 Duck breasts stewed with fruits, flambeed in cognac, anise and orange juice 600 rub.
150/120/50 Beef medallions in demiglas sauce with vegetables grill, served with toscana sauce 800 rub.
290 Veal cutlet on smashed potatoes with porcini and marinated cucumber 450 rub.
300 Beef Stroganoff, served with mushrooms and pesto sauce 650 rub.
170/150 Filet-Mignon with roasted potato wedges, mushroom julienne and confit tomatoes 950 rub.
350 Baked rabbit witn sweet carrots, mashed potatoes and crispy chips 530 rub.
400 Veal cheeks in a demiglas sauce with potato-spinach cream and sweet carrot 500 rub.