С 15 декабря по 10 января предзаказ столиков на сумму от 2500 руб.

Сергиев Посад

300 Fresh vegetables with green meat (cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper, fresh greens) 
250 rub.
200 Grilled vegetables with garlic butter and soy sauce 280  rub.
150/60 Light-pickled salmon and olives and decorated with lemon slice and greens 750 rub.
240/50 Cold cuts:  sliced roasted beef, neat’s tongue, boiled pork served with horseradish and mustard  600 rub.
160/120 Mixed cheese with fruit, nuts and clover honey 750 rub.
250 Aubergine rolls with creamy cheese, tomatoes and walnuts 280 rub.
240 Pacific herring with red onion, potatoes and rye toasts 250 rub.
110 Chicken julienne with champignons 180 rub.